Abundance - You Have It All

You have seen that you are one with The Source, one with all that is. You are abundance.

You have also seen how you created reality out of the quantum field simply by using your thoughts, states of being, words and actions. You have also seen how anything is possible when you believe and chose consistently with clarity.

Nature is capable of giving you all your desires without losing anything itself. Scarcity is not real, it only appears where we chose to see it.

The Source of all that is can never run out of creative power and ability. A million times of what has been created can be created again. The supply is unlimited.

You cannot even begin to ponder the infinite vastness of the readily and freely available supply of value-creation material and energy you have access to.

Do not manipulate people and things. That is competitive thinking. Creative thinking is more effective and true to the nature of abundance. Competitive thinking makes you think in terms of scarcity that has to be fought for, and that is what you get. Why would you wish to create scarcity?

Out of abundance He took abundance and still abundance remains. – Upanishads


The essential nature of Life is Joy. Joy is what Life is made up of and vice versa. It is the natural state of all beings. Anything with life (and everything has life) has joy as its natural state. It is how we are born as children, with a natural ability to live life with carefree abandon and joy. You can re-capture that nature and extend it.

You are not happy because of certain conditions, but certain conditions come into being because you are not happy. Happy thoughts and images also result in happy external events and conditions.

Happiness is a continuum of moments that are not resisted. If you resist a moment, you will not be happy with it. Also, what you resist persists, what you accept and bring into your light reveals itself and lets go of you. Unconditional love, acceptance, detachment, and tolerance – all these lead to happiness.

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Sadness and happiness are different grades of the same thing. They just appear to be different things.

Hot and cold are actually just graduations of the same thing called temperature. When you express yourself and your desires, you have joy. When you do not, you have sadness.

Follow your desires. Live Now, Here.

Like Harry Potter was advised by his headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone movie, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

Harry Potter found a magic mirror that showed, according to Dumbledore, the “deepest and most desperate desires of our hearts ... but not knowledge or truth.” Dumbledore then cautioned Harry Potter against its use, for although it may have felt comfortable for Harry to spend all day dreaming of his desires, doing so was not living.

Living is what allows Life to express itself, and with expression comes joy. It is OK to dream, but live life Now, Here, because the only place you can live life is Now, Here. Dumbledore then explained to Harry Potter that the happiest person was the one who looked into the magic mirror and saw only him or herself, exactly as they were Now, Here. Think about that.

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. – Marianne Williamson

From love comes joy. What is love? Love is not a bond; it is a freedom, a liberator, not a binder. It is a free expresser, not a limiter. In the presence of true love, things flourish as they are, perfect.

The less judgmental you are, the happier you become. The more forgiving you are, the happier you become.

Real Joy comes from within, from Being. Pleasure and pain come from without, from things outside of you.

Joy never stops being joy. It is the nature of spirit, of being. It is not affected by external things.

Once you are present in Now and aware and in touch with your Self, the joy will be everywhere in you and it shall never stop.

It never had stopped and never can stop anyway, but you can be blind to it by not being Here, Now, fully present. Joy is an eternal state, in Now. It is not in the past or future, for those are ‘times’ that do not exist, except only in the mind.

Pleasure and pain on the other hand are external. They are also complimentary. The same thing that gives you pleasure gives you pain. Think about it. Whatever external thing gives you pleasure, when it is not there you feel pain, you feel the pain of not having it. The same thing gives you pleasure and pain. Or the thing that gives you pain, when it is not there you feel pleasure. The same thing gives you both. All external things do this and that is why people are often feeling unsatisfied.

However, once you touch your Self and live Now, real Joy comes to the surface, and that can never change to pain. From that point on, everything will become enjoyable, even the most ‘painful’ things will cease to bring suffering to you and you will marvel at all life. Joy is Being, and Being is Isness, Now. From that point on, you shall be happy with all being, resisting no present moment but creating your next moments in a powerful way through true choice.

Resisting Isness is futile. Resisting Now is painful. What do you expect to gain out of resisting what Is? You cannot undo it. So why bother? Yet, when you touch your Self and feel Joy, you shall not need any intellectual conviction to stop resisting Now. You shall just naturally love all being.

Why does the same thing give you both pain and pleasure? It is because of the mind living outside the moment of Now. For example, if you like a certain thing that gives you pleasure, when you have that thing you enjoy it (unless you worry about loosing it). When you do not have it and you let your mind escape Now and go into the past and future thinking ‘it was great when I had that thing and I really wish I had it now. I look forward to when I will next have it. I do not like not having it now’, you start getting into ‘problems’.


When you think like that, you totally miss the joy of Now, what Is. And that ‘gap’ between Now, Isness’ and a past and future that only exist in mind is the cause of pain, anxiety and dissatisfaction. Joy is always in the moment of Now. It is ever-present, but you can choose not to see it.

When you are out of mind, of no mind, you are Being, Now, in harmony with all else that Is, Now. In that state, you are in the best position to enjoy Now and also create the next Now in the most powerful way, free of worry, anxiety and negativity.

The mind is a tool, and you should activate it to create an intention of the next Now. This very quick and detached thinking should not take any more than a few seconds every now and then. If you use your mind to constantly ramble on inside your head thinking about the past and future, all you do is live in the past, worry about the future, and lose Now and joy.

And anyway, that is not a good formula for creating a future. All problems exist only in the mind – they cannot exist in Now. In Now, you always pass. You cannot fail Now. Not two seconds from now, or five hours from Now, but right Now. All problems exist outside of Now, in the mind, when you use the mind incorrectly.

Level Confusion

We have mentioned this before and we should briefly mention it again here. A lot of suffering and ‘failure’ comes from level confusion. What are the levels again? They are Being, Thought, Word, Action, Physical Form (Body). When I say Body, I don’t just mean your body, I mean all physical things, including your body. Now, we saw how there is Cause and Effect as the prime law that runs the universe. Ok, now let us see what each level is.

Being is the First Cause. It is What Is and What Gives Life. It has always been and always will be and therefore did not result from anything, hence it is First Cause.

Thought is a Cause, the effect of Being. It is the next in power, that which extends and moves the Universe. Minds are connected and thoughts are shared as thought form but the sharing is not so apparent in the physical world. Thought creates form at a certain level.

Words, as you speak and share them, extend your thought into the physical world. This is the second level of creation. Words are a Cause, the effect of Thought. Words create form on a certain level.

Actions are the third level of creation. They put into place the mechanics by which thoughts are manifested here on earth and experienced. Actions are a Cause, an effect of Words and Thoughts. Actions create form in the final level.

Body is an effect. It is not a Cause. Repeat, it is never a Cause. It is always an effect. Body was designed as a tool to experience and communicate.

Abundance Level confusion comes when people use the wrong level for the wrong thing, when they identify with the wrong level, or when they have conflicts within the levels.

Conflicts arise when what you think conflicts with what you speak and what you do. The creation is obviously going to be retarded.

Wrong use arises when you use Body to create when it cannot create. People have too much faith in Body.

Body here can represent anything from your own body, money, walls, clothes, or anything physical. Understand this: Body cannot create. Ever. Body was designed from the word go as a tool to experience and communicate. That is its role. But you say ‘then how come medicine cures and money pays rent?’ Watch again.

Mind is always involved. Even when you take medicine after realizing you are sick you do so with cooperation from mind. The realization puts your mind at attention and the intention to get better gets into gear, and that on its own is very powerful. It is not purely the drugs that heal you. They trigger a lot, yes, and many chemical reactions and so forth happen in your body, sure. But mind is never far away, doing the creative work. The drugs, for the lack of a better word, activate healing through the body but from mind.

Do you realize how powerful your mind is? It is always creating 24 hours a day, even as you sleep. It is eternal. It is not even confined by your body. Your brain is but not your mind. When you try to use Body to create, you experience frustration because you keep trying without getting results. Only when you engage mind do you get results.

Identification with body is another level confusion. You are your Self, in the image and likeness of The Source. When you think you are your mind or your body, you believe it, and this has the power to confine your power and belittle you. Your body and possessions are just communication and experience tools. They shall all come and go. When you identify with any of them, you shall feel little and create little. And when you ‘lose’ these things, you shall feel loss.

Yet you need not identify with Body. What for? You create Body. You brought it forth. It is smaller than you are, it is your creation. When you confuse your identity and think you are your body or possessions, you make yourself smaller than that which you created, and because it is temporal, you feel fear and lack. Another misidentification comes in when you think you are your mind. The mind is a creation tool. You are bigger than it. You give it direction.

When you think you are your mind, it takes over you and it has no direction. Its creations, when left on its own, are temporary. When you think you are your mind, you identify with its unguided confusion (for now it has no guide since you think you are it) and you become fearful because, as we saw, its creations when left on its own are temporary and will be 'lost’ one day.

Infinite Loops And Their Starts

There are a few ‘loops’ you need to be aware of. These loops govern your life and it is important that you recognize them. Here they are:

1. You experience what you manifest and you manifest what you experience. What this means is that whatever you feel within you, the emotions and thoughts that you experience, creates the next moments of your world. Emotions are energy in motion. Thoughts are also energy. If you are not careful, your emotions can take over your thoughts if you left them.

For example, if you are always fearful, you attract, create and manifest fearful conditions around you. Hence you manifest what you experience within you. To manifest is to make something observable. You also experience what you manifest. This means that the world around you gives you your experiences. See, there is a loop there. But you have to know how to break the loop so that you change it. Which one comes first? What is first cause? Your being, your beliefs, your thoughts, and your words and actions come first. They start the loop. They become manifested.

Then once your world is made up, you watch and respond, hence experiencing it. You must learn to break the cycle whenever you see yourself in a situation that you don’t like that is repeating itself. You change it by refusing to react in the same way to it, instead watching it without judgment, welcoming it into the light, learning what thoughts are causing it, then changing those thoughts. Trying to change an effect is banging your head against a wall – it won’t work! You cannot change an effect directly, you must change the cause. Sounds obvious but few do it.

2. You see what you believe and you believe what you see. That is another loop. When you see something, you unconsciously believe it is true, even though it may not be. People once thought the world was flat. They believed what they saw. However, that was not reality. What caused them to think it was reality was because they saw what they believed. Read that again. You see what you believe.

Even though this universe is abundant, we see it as scarce because we have agreed and believe that it is. But because we believe this we have made it scarce (by illusion). Your belief has the power to create your world. So where does this loop start? Of course, in belief.

There are two ways to approach this. One is to change your belief about something so that you may change it. For example, if you wish to be wealthy, believe that wealth is all that exists, and your world will resolve itself to prove you right. The other way to break out of the loop is to not believe anything. Look at the nearest door you can see. Do you see it as it truly is at this moment or do you see it as you believe it is? Tricky question, isn’t it? tell you what – most people see the door as it exists in their mind. That door, if you were to see it as it truly is would amaze you. Why? Because Reality is brilliant, it has no vulnerability, it cannot be attacked, it is grand. If you cannot see that, you are seeing your own image imposed on reality.

You know very well that you sometimes see things as they are not, or you see a person and think they are a certain way because you have imagined them that way, only to discover one day that you were wrong about them. Seeing is very much a function of mind as it is eyes. So you can break out of your painful cycles by merely admitting you have no idea what the meaning of what you see is, like a child does, and ask what it means, expecting an answer. The answer will come to you, as long as you don’t tell it what you think the answer is.

You are the evidence. That is what all this here reveals to you. You are your own evidence. Don’t look at the world, Body, for evidence. It will always reflect you anyway. When you change, it changes.

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