Being - The First Cause

Being is state, such as being happy. You cannot explain state, nor can you do a state. You can only be a state. You cannot do happiness; you can only be happiness or be happy.

Creation works as follows: Being causes thinking, which causes speaking, which causes doing, which puts in place the system to receive and experience what you created in your being and thinking. Being is the First Cause.

Being is what causes thinking. So, when you are happy, you will think happy thoughts. Thoughts spring from being.

In other words, thoughts are sponsored by being. In fact, nothing happens without being.

Even conditions occur because of a state of being, and not the other way around as most people think they do.

Happy conditions do not make you happy. It is being happy that causes happy conditions. Unhappy conditions only show up to prove your pre-existing state of unhappiness.

The first step to experiencing massive wealth is being wealthy. Being wealthy is an internal state. It has nothing to do with the outside world. The internal state of wealth is a decision you make right now and you become it, right now. You need nothing outside of yourself to make this decision. Once you make this decision to be wealthy, you become wealthy. It is hard to speak of this because you can only be a state (you cannot do a state nor speak a state).

For anything that you wish to be, be that state first, Now, Here, just like that. And the world will follow. Being is closely related to believing.

For example, say you have a financial situation that is troubling you. You wonder, ‘why Is it that no matter what I do and affirm and think, this financial shortage is with me?’

The answer lies in your root belief. Do you deeply believe that you have the finances you need or you do not have them? Dig deep. The question is not whether you believe you shall have the finances, it is whether you believe you have them Now or not.

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Remember, the universe follows you exactly. If you believe you shall have the money some day, it will suspend your money till ‘someday’.

And when that ‘someday’ arrives and you start doubting, thinking ‘what if I don’t have it’, then it will respond likewise. You are the Way and the Truth, and the universe follows.

So start calling forth to the Now all you desire by being certain that you have it already, knowing that you are the evidence.

Don’t look for evidence in the world. It merely shows you as you are. You are the evidence.

The Creation Process

Creation follows the following sequence: Being, Thought, Words and Action. In your life, although you may not know it, you create your experiences first in your Self, spirit, being, then in your mind, then by your words, finally by your actions. It starts at being then moves on to thinking then to speaking then to acting. In fact, acting only puts into place the system necessary to receive and experience what you create in being, thinking and speaking.

Most people do not focus, nurture and tend to their first three steps of being, thinking and speaking – all they do is work like crazy all day and wonder why they are not ‘successful’.

This sequence of creation is a law of the universe that cannot be broken. When you think, you formulate ideas and that shifts the universe in a constellation beyond your imagination. Your thoughts move beyond your head. They form something at some level in many places.

For example, they may trigger the inspiration in many others to act in certain ways that support your thought at the same time fulfilling their own desires. You are not alone. The system is one.

Ok, so after you think, you speak of your thoughts. This shares them physically with other people and also ascertains them to you, making them surer.

Then you act on your thoughts and words, bringing into place the physical systems that help ‘crystallize’ your thoughts into experiences on the physical plane.

Understand this: the physical objects you see are all effects of thoughts. They are not cause and can never be cause.

As much as you may think that a physical object can be a cause, it cannot. Thought and Being are the only causes.

Thoughts, Words, Action are tools of creation. As you see, they each have a function. Some cause, some receive and experience the effect. They are totally different levels. Level confusion is the cause of much suffering. You confuse your levels when you think you can use the wrong level to create. You cannot, for example, create by action of your thought when your words are opposite your actions. However, you can gradually change your thoughts by ‘acting as if’ consistently.

Say for example, that you wish to learn how to think like a loving person. You can just do it now, think like a loving person. But if you find that difficult, then act as a loving person would, speak as one would and soon you shall start thinking as one would. That is just a good mental programming technique; it is not a sequence of creation.

The only place you can think, speak and act is Now. So don’t wait for some ‘perfect moment’. Just do it now.

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