Cause and Effect
The Prime Law Of The Universe

The Cause and effect law is the most important law of the universe. Here is a prime key to success in whatever you wish to succeed in. If you live by this, you cannot fail.

The understanding and living by the law of cause and effect guarantees that you shall not fail to cause the events you wish to experience, that you shall predict outcome and figure out the causes of your situations. Success is created when you correctly plug your tools of creation (Thought, Words, Action), powered by faith, into the law of cause and effect.

The law of cause and effect is the prime law that runs the universe. It is the number one law. Every spiritual and scientific teacher has sought to teach it.

They may have said you reap what you sow, or you get what you give, or what goes around comes around, or karma, or consequences, or every action has an equal and opposite reaction, or many other similar statements.

Quantum physics is now teaching us how this works, exactly, on a sub-atomic level.

Here is what we are now discovering: it is multiplicative! In other words, you will not only one day experience what you cause others to experience or its equivalence, but also you will do so multiplicatively!

If you cause others to experience wealth and happiness, it will come back to you and you will experience it as well, but as a bonus, you will experience much more of what you caused others to have. Life is about growth. This is so for every experience imaginable.

At some point in the complex space-time continuum, at some point in your Life, by law, you experience a multiple of what you cause others to experience. Nothing escapes this law. Even if you cannot see, with your limited five physical senses right now, where it is happening, know that it happens.

There are two reasons, at least, that show us how this law works. One is that everything you see around you is an idea. Everything you see and experience started as an idea in some mind. Ideas grow as they are shared. When you share your ideas, they grow and become exposed in you as well as in others.

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Have you ever noticed how like ideas attract like ideas, and like people attract like people?

And when like people and ideas are together, their effect is so much larger than the sum of each individual’s effects? That's the law of cause and effect.

Think about all this carefully and you will see how cause and effect works.

The second is that everything is just a manifestation of the One Being in different guises. Even thoughts are part of the One.

And as we saw in the quantum physics ‘ocean of energy’ example, nothing happens in one spot of the universe that does not ripple to all other spots in some way or form.

By knowing the cause and effect power of thought, you can accurately predict the future by looking at the thought of now. Fortunately, we have the power to change thoughts and alter the future.

Whatever you wish to get, give it away first. This is the fastest path. Whatever you wish to have, cause another to have it first.

Things get better when you get better. They get worse when you get worse. The world is all within you. You are at cause over everything that happens in your life, whether you were conscious of it or not.

If you are at cause for everything in your world and so is everyone else for their world, it means that groups of people are collectively at cause for their collective world.

Corporate success and 'failure', neighborhood events, even wars and natural disasters all happen not because of only one person in the group but because of all the people collectively causing that which they are collectively affected by. If you don’t believe this, consider World War II.

How did Hitler, one small man, manage to do what he did? One small guy! The average 17 year old would have had a fighting chance to take him down in hand to hand combat! How did Hitler get so much power?

Simple. We let him have it. People at the time allowed him to come into being through their own individual ideologies. He was able to influence people because he told them what they wanted to hear. He would never have been able to convince anyone if the population was not interested in war and such.

And what about the United States then? How did they contribute to World War II?

Well, first they said ‘not our problem’ and by refusing to assist the Europeans, they allowed Hitler to get stronger until he was able, with Japanese allies, to attack Pearl Harbor.

Only when they were attacked did they get in there and help end the war.

See, you always experience the effects of your thoughts, even though the form may not be very clear at first. This brings us to your life.

Let us say, for example, that you wish to experience wealth. In that case, you will get fastest results if the people you work with and associate with are people of wealth consciousness. Which means you should offer to help all those around you to improve their wealth consciousness. Remember also that one very powerful way of getting something is to cause another to get it.

Couple both of these and you will see how widely beneficial it is to you to ensure that your employees, business partners, family and even community and country and world - if they are interested - have access to educational material that allows them to build wealth consciousness in themselves. Whatever you wish to have, show another how to have it, and you shall learn of it within you and you shall have it.

You learn and become what you teach. You can never not teach. By design, you are always teaching something, because you are always communicating by thoughts, words and action. Therefore, to become something, teach it. Choose what you wish to become, and start teaching it consciously, and you shall learn it and become it.

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