Certainty - The Most Powerful Force And The Antidote To Failure

Certainty, faith, belief, is a necessary part of creating success or anything else for that matter. It is that which gives the universe a go-ahead to do as you wish it to do.

You see, you cannot become a state without certainty, for such becoming is unbecoming. You cannot be happy if you are unsure that you are happy. Without this you cannot create goals, not only in their accuracy but also in their coming to reality for you. Even speaking and acting without it is powerless.

Many teachers in many religions and ages have taught us to have faith, to be certain. This isn’t new.

But remember, as you read on, that faith is a lot like state, being. You cannot really speak faith, not do faith, you can only be faithful, be certain.

And the way to do that is to simply decide to be certain, just like that, and let no other contradiction come to you. Anyway, let us proceed, and this will get easier and clearer.

The last part of getting faith is to understand how the universe works. In the section on Quantum Physics, Time, and Cause and Effect on this website, you see how the universe works and this will give you faith because you now know exactly what happens behind the scenes. Once you understand how it all works, you will believe.

Everything is possible to the extent that you are certain.

Persistence breeds faith. You can use persistence to increase your faith. And through faith, you have persistence. By persisting, even when it looks like you should give up, you can increase your faith in an outcome and bring it about. This is a conscious decision you make, because faith enables persistence. It is a tight circle.

You cannot achieve much if you are persistent but you keep telling yourself things are not going to work out. Persistence is a slight step ahead of faith in that you can use it to build faith, but every step that persistence takes has to be followed by a step in faith. Persistence, literally, pays. Nothing is truly impossible.

Doubt and fear are the only enemies of your dreams and visions. Even in the face of contrary ‘evidence’, be certain, believe, have faith.

If you can? Everything is possible for him who believes. – Jesus Christ

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. In reality, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of, for your Self has it all and is indestructible. Your Self is designed to never lack anything,for it has it all already. It is also indestructible. But its manifestation here on earth comes with many illusions, and one of your purposes here is to overcome these illusions.

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One of those illusions is the illusion that abundance does not exist.

Yet we know scientifically nowadays, thanks to quantum physics, and spiritually as we have been advised by teachers throughout the ages, that abundance is all there is.

If you ever catch yourself fearing something, know that it is an illusion, and seek to find out what that illusion is, for in reality there is nothing to fear at all.

Have faith. Believe. Know with certainty. When you pick up a glass of water to drink from it, you know without a shred of doubt that you will not fail to pick it up and drink. The thought does not even occur to you that you may not be able to drink the water. You do it with certainty.

That is the level of faith, belief and certainty you should have in yourself, the laws of the universe, and the capabilities of The Source to work perfectly all the time. It is the certainty you should feel about having received even before you asked, and in the guarantee that you have it all.

If you think you do not have something, decide, now, that you have it, and you will. Do not say ‘but I don’t have it’. Do not negate. Over time, it will become second nature. Until then, do your best and never think you cannot have it. You can acquire faith with practice. But it is faster to just decide once and for all that you have it. How? Just decide.

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