The Five Common Myths

Now, let us start with the 5 common myths.

Myth 1: We live in a world of scarcity. Everywhere we look, we see shortages in love, money, food, happiness, and so on. Economics tells us that this is how things are. Our life situations tell us the same thing. The ‘evidence’ shows us that scarcity is all there is.

I can see it with my eyes and I experience it so it must be true. Not only that, we live in a world bound by time and space. Infinity and eternity is a concept that is away from here, with no relationship to what is going on right here and now.

Do not bother to understand the next few sentences for now. Just read them and keep them in mind. You shall see how they make sense later. But it is necessary that you read through them now.

This is not the last time you shall be asked to suspend your understanding until later.

The reason is this: knowledge is a whole, and can only be known in whole. To know something partially is not to know it but to perceive it.

Perception involves interpretation, separation, categorization, and logic levels. Knowledge is whole and complete.

Unfortunately, words move in sequence and not in whole, so you are requested to read in sequence, but be patient as it will all make sense all at once when you are done reading all the words and you have the whole picture in you. Knowledge is experience while words and perception are symbols that at best can only point to knowledge but never accurately and fully represent it.

Here we go: Abundance is the opposite of scarcity. They cannot both really exist. There can only be either one of the two. Which one? Can a glass of water exist in an ocean? Yes. Can an ocean exist in a glass of water? No. Abundance and infinity is all there is. There is no shortage or end to anything. Abundance is the infinite existence or possibility of existence of all possible outcomes. Within abundance, we can create scarcity.

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Scarcity on its own cannot stand without abundance enabling it to. Scarcity is the illusion, abundance is the reality. So why do we see scarcity?

The answer lies in the workings of the mind, ego and quantum physics, and you shall soon see exactly how this works.

But to answer this question quickly, we make it up by our collective thought and agreement. It started millions of years ago, as you shall soon see.

And what about time? You will soon see that eternity is very real and present with us. It is called Now, the present moment. You will see how past and future are ‘phantom’ words that exist only in our private minds. You shall see how all negativity and suffering arises from this false time that is created in your mind (by yourself through ego) and how to drop it. It has a million manifestations of pain, but because it is a ‘phantom’ you can drop it in an instant and change your life.

Myth 2: The universe works in a chaotic way. Our lives are chaotic and unpredictable. It is a cruel world where you just can’t tell what is going to happen next. I cannot seem to get exactly what I want, nor can anybody else.

There are only two possibilities. Either the universe works chaotically or it works by laws that never fail, ever. It cannot be both. It cannot be both chaos and law, for that is already chaos. And the law cannot fail even once, for that is chaos again. Albert Einstein once said that he refuses to believe that God plays dice.

Another way of looking at this is this: The Source created the universe, this amazing expanse of billions of galaxies each with its own amazing complexities. The Source, or God, cannot possibly find anything difficult. To imagine that it is impossible for The Source to make anything other than perfection is to imagine a lot, it is almost laughable when you think about it clearly.

As you are about to see, the universe runs under perfect Laws, laws that never err even once. Nothing can operate outside these laws, for that would negate existence.

The laws are clear and those who have learned them have found them to be amazingly simple, fair and powerful.

Whatever appears to be chaotic is not really chaotic. It simply appears so because the observer does not know the law behind it fully. Accidents and coincidences do not exist.

‘Accidents’ and ‘coincidences’ are perfect outcomes of perfect law – all you need to do is know what the law is and how it works and you will find them quite obvious. This site will show you what the laws are.

Myth 3: The physical world is all there is. And it exists exactly as we see it.

More and more people realize that this is not true. They realize that there is body, mind and spirit. What most people do not realize is exactly what the function is for each of those, and how each relates to the other. The functions and relationships are extremely easy and clear when you get to know them exactly. And eliminating this ‘level’ confusion between those three things opens up the way to powerful creativity and freedom.

In addition to all this, the physical world is not what it appears to be. Many Nobel Prize winning physicists have recently proven beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes into being in a fraction of a second, over and over again. Nothing is solid. This is the world of Quantum Physics. And here is the interesting part: They have proven that thoughts are what put together and hold together this ever-changing energy field into the ‘objects’ that we see.

So why don’t we see a person instead of a flashing cluster of energy? Think of a movie reel. A movie is a collection of about 24 frames a second. Each frame is separated by a gap. However, because of the speed at which one frame replaces another, our eyes get cheated into thinking that we see a continuous and moving picture. Think of television. A TV tube is simply a tube with heaps of electrons hitting the screen in a certain way, creating the illusion of form and motion.

This is what all objects are anyway. You have 5 physical senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste). Each of those senses has a specific spectrum (for example, a dog hears a different range of sound than you do; a snake sees a different spectrum of light than you do; and so on). In other words, your set of senses perceives the sea of energy from a certain limited standpoint and makes up an image from that. It is not complete, nor is it accurate. It is just an interpretation.

Anyway, the point here is this: as you will soon see, our thoughts are linked to this energy and they determine what the energy forms. This explains things such as positive thinking, prayer, faith, creativity, goal-setting, disease, and much more in a very scientific way. You shall soon see how, exactly, your thoughts shift the universe on a particle-by-particle basis to create your life.

Look around you. Everything you see started as an idea, an idea that grew as it was shared and expressed, until it grew enough into a physical object through any number of ‘manufacturing’ or ‘growth’ steps. You literally become what you think about most. Your life becomes what you have imagined and believed in most. The world is literally your mirror, enabling you to experience in the physical plane what you hold as your truth – until you change it.

Myth 4: We are separate from each other and from everything else ‘out there’.

Common myths

As we have just seen in the brief look at quantum physics above, everything is energy. We shall expand on this later.

All we need to say now is this: quantum physics proves that the entire physical world is united as one huge undivided sea of energy. The lines and forms and separation that we see are illusions created by the particular set of senses that we have.

Science has also proven that minds are connected. Not brains, but minds. A brain is simply your physical interface to the mind. Not only are minds connected to each other, but they are also connected to the energy that makes up our physical universe.

Have you ever heard of a double-blind experiment? Well, in scientific experiments, they do double-blind experiments to ensure that an expectation does not influence the result. And even then they cannot guarantee that there will be no influence. In these types of experiments, the experiment is designed such that the subjects have no idea that they are being experimented on and the scientists themselves have no idea which set of experiments they are conducting at the moment. But even then, you have interference.

Scientists now know that no observation can be made without the observer influencing what is being observed? See? In other words, the very act of you observing the tree outside your window is now proven to contribute to the existence and direction of growth that tree takes.

And finally, all spiritual teachings tell us that we are one. How we understand this may vary, but the point is that ‘brotherhood’ is emphasized. Especially in eastern spiritual teachings, spirit is considered as One being that individuates into many seemingly separate forms so that it can experience itself in a realm of relativity. We shall see how this happened billions of years ago and what it has to do with you now.

When the One was all that existed, It could not experience Itself for there was nothing to experience Itself against. Before the creation of the universe of relativity we are in now, nothing else existed except The Source, an absolute with nothing else outside of it. Even space did not exist, for space came about to allow form to exist. Even nothing did not exist.

It was therefore necessary for The Source, for the sake of experiencing its absoluteness, feel and experience what it knew, to create a ‘pretense’ of separation within it so that it can use the ‘separate’ parts to experience each other. These ‘separate’ parts are all being, all life in its myriad forms and experiences.

Common myths We have been told by various religions that we are made in the image and likeness of God. Every religion says that, but they vary in their interpretation of it. This image and likeness is in essence, not in form. You are the same stuff as The Source.

Don’t worry about all these things, they shall make sense later. But you are now beginning to see what your origins are and you may begin to see your purpose which you chose for yourself. For now, keep this in mind: In the absence of that which is not, That Which Is, is not, and this is the reason behind the myriad of ‘separate’ forms and experiences in existence.

Those who have realized this connectedness know that their desires are fulfilled because (1) their desires are fully supported by the Whole since their desire to have something is reciprocated by the desire by another part to give that very thing, and vice versa (2) they are one with all, including that which they wish to have an experience of, so their seeking is always answered with finding. Seeking and finding are one and the same thing. This is a law of the universe. You always find what you seek. If you are finding something else, examine what you are really seeking.

The universe, as you will soon see, gives you exactly what you ask for. Even before you ask, it has been given to you (remember eternity and infinity). Your thoughts and your deepest beliefs determine how life will turn out next for you. For example, if you hate your job and secretly wish that you were doing something else, that is OK. But don’t be surprised if somehow events turn out such that you lose that job.

The universe has no judgments over your deepest wishes. It is up to you. Whatever you choose, even if it is ‘bad’, you shall have it. The law of cause and effect, and the fact that thoughts create reality out of the energy field, makes this so: whatever you think and feel about a thing, all your emotions and fears and love about a thing, all that is what determines how a thing shall turn out.

Myth 5: Need exists

This is a huge myth and the myth that starts all myths. We shall look at it later, when we explore the history of ego. At this point, we cannot make much progress into further learning unless we have a brief look at Quantum Physics.

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