Desire, But Never Ever Want

Desire, but never want. Wanting communicates to you and to the universe that you do not have something (first mistake) and that you are in a state of not having it but wishing you did (second mistake).

The problem is compounded by the fact that wanting is a perpetual state. In itself, it has no finality. Think about it.

You can never get what you want. Never. It only looks like people get what they want, but they never really do.

What actually happens is that very gradually they shift from the state of wanting to other states, and then they get what they had wanted initially.

But as long as they are in a state of wanting, they cannot get that which they want.

Here is how the illusion of a person getting what they want works:

Remember the last time you wanted to eat and you got what you wanted (you ate something). Ok, you wanted something to eat. This is a wanting state. But watch what happened next. You started to go get something to eat. You actually shifted from a wanting to a getting state, which has finality. You then shift to the present tense of having, finally, and you appear to have had what you wanted. See, you never did get what you wanted when you were in a wanting state. You had to shift states.

This unconscious shifting from a state of wanting to another state is easily done all the time by people – but only for small things. But what if it was something so big, something you had never done before? Would you still get it if you wanted it? Unlike food, it would be harder for you to unconsciously shift from the wanting state, because you have not gone through it before.

If you found yourself wanting twenty dollars, it would be easy for you to unconsciously shift from the state of wanting to getting, because you have done it before over and over again. But what if you wanted a million dollars and you have never had more than twenty thousand dollars in your life before? Would you be able to shift unconsciously from wanting to getting a million dollars? Most likely not. The solution is this: never want! In other words, never believe you do not have.

You can never get what you want. Wanting something very bad is worse. In your thoughts, words, states, and feelings, replace want with desire or wish. Unlike wanting, desire does not necessarily have to mean you do not have something. It is a very subtle difference and some people may say they are the same thing, but there is a world of difference. Some thesauruses may even say want is interchangeable with desire, but that is simply for some linguistic purposes.

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Remember, your thoughts are carried out with precision and perfection by the universe.

It is the way the system is designed. Wanting is carried out with precision, and wanting represents a perpetual state of not having.

Desire is not a perpetual state of not having; in fact, it does not necessarily have to mean you do not have what you desire.

It is sad and funny to think that billions of people are kept away from what they want by such a simple little difference. It all lies in the precise execution of the universe. Start to desire, not want.

Precisely, it is not just the word ‘want’ that should be avoided. It is the state. It helps nothing to avoid the word ‘want’ but be in a state of ‘want’ – that is useless. Language is a symbol used to represent things such as state. The word want is a symbol that represents the state of wanting. It is therefore the state that you should avoid first. The symbol, the word itself, is also to be avoided so as not to invoke the state.

Desire, but never want.

Here are a few dictionary definitions of the word ‘want’: To be without; lack. To be destitute or needy. A defect of character; a fault. To be absent; to be deficient or lacking; to fail; not to be sufficient; to fall or come short; to lack. This is what you communicate to the universe to bring to you when you want something. The universe brings you just that – absence and deficiency.

None of these negative definitions is included for the word ‘desire’. Now here are some dictionary definitions of the word ‘desire’: To express a wish for; request. The natural longing that is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of any good, and impels to action or effort its continuance or possession; an eager wish to obtain or enjoy.

See, you can have something but not be experiencing it because it is not right there with you. So you desire to experience it by bringing it to where you are. You know you have it, you just wish to experience it. This is good. But when you believe you don’t have it, then that is wanting, and you can never have that which you want, simply because you are certain that you do not have it!

Your Purpose Propels You

You have a purpose for being here. Where did you get your purpose?

Consider this suggestion: You have free will. When did this free will start? Some people think it starts after you are born.

They believe that they did not have a choice whether or not to be born, but once they are here, they have free will to make choices in their lives.

Others believe that your free will is eternal, and it starts even before you are born. That is not such a strange idea. Your soul is eternal. Your eyes tell you that life starts when one is born, but something deeper tells you that this may not be the real beginning.

Purpose or destiny is what you, your Self or soul, chose to come do here on earth, a choice based on its set of attributes and wishes. And the circumstances and location you were born in are perfect for you to collect the necessary ‘tools’ to fulfill your chosen purpose were you to go through life with such an awareness. That is why your unique purpose feels so good once you find it. That is why it gives you so much joy doing it. That is because you chose it a long time ago. It is what you came here to do.

Unfortunately, so many people do not fulfill their purpose, largely because of the way our society and education is structured. Yet, you can easily fulfill yours if you chose to. You first find your purpose by spending some quiet time thinking what makes you feel so good, what you have so much passion for. Do not think of job descriptions or careers. Drop all those labels society has taught you to believe in. They are the number one reason why people do not find their purpose.


Just ask yourself “what do I feel so happy doing?”. It could be spending time with butterflies, or flying around the world making deals, or cooking, or speaking to people, or anything else.

Once you do that, envision it, intend and make goals towards moving to a point where you will be working, as a career, in your discovered purpose.

For example, let us imagine that your purpose is studying butterflies and you are now working unhappily in a non-butterfly related job. Do not despair. Start getting books and finding people in the butterfly field. Find out all you can. Then start making goals and choices, fueled by desire, that will eventually take you out into a position that is butterfly related.

Do not worry about money and all the other little worries you may start having – they will sort themselves out as long as you do not worry. And you will be very happy and successful once you work in your destiny or purpose, a destiny that you yourself chose before you were born here on earth. Your self-satisfaction will also rise and you will be making optimal contribution to the world at large.

Follow your passions.

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