Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is a tool that people can use to get rid of negative thoughts once and for all.

Many people harbor negative feelings that are impacting their lives. With all the information available about reprogramming the way a person thinks, such as focusing on the positive, being thankful for what you have in your life more people are looking for other ways to get rid of those negative thoughts so that they can enjoy the life.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of alternative psychotherapy tool created by Gary Craig who is an energy healer. It is commonly referred to as EFT, and is classified as a psychological acupressure technique that is very similar to acupuncture only instead of needles being strategically placed, tapping is used. This is an important technique to learn due to the fact that mental health is just as important to a person's overall health and happiness as diet and exercise.

There is an advantage to EFT that one does not get from acupuncture and that is that you can do this practice on yourself once you learn the simple techniques. There are energy specialists that can perform the technique for you, but you can learn how to do it as well.

Learning Emotional Freedom Technique will help you get rid of negative emotions, decrease any food cravings that you have, help to reduce and possibly eliminate pain as well as implement positive goals.

Tapping With Your Fingers

To perform Emotional Freedom Technique you will tap with your fingers along the same energy meridians that acupuncturists use. Your fingertips will be used to apply kinetic energy onto these meridians on the head and chest while you are thinking about your specific problem.

Emotional Freedom Technique

If you take a moment and think about this technique you have done this before without even realizing you are doing it. Can you remember the last time you had a difficult decision to make and as you thought about what to do you were tapping your finger on your head? This technique has even been shown in children's cartoons when a character is saying "Think, think, think."

Along with the tapping you are saying positive affirmations about what it is you are facing. Say you are trying to get over low self esteem. As you are tapping on the head and chest you will be saying something positive about yourself. This combination of tapping in energy and voicing positive affirmations works to clear the emotional block that is holding you back. Doing this helps to restore the mind/body balance that is essential for healing and optimal health.

It is fair to be skeptical about the theory behind Emotional Freedom Technique, as here in the West the use of energy to heal and understanding the energy in the body and the power of the mind and how they work together to restore balance is "new medicine."

However all over the world the understanding of the role the electromagnetic energy that each person has in their body and the power of that energy in its ability to heal us has been used for hundreds of thousands of years.

Take the time to learn the two basic aspects of Emotional Freedom Technique today. Learn how to perform the tapping and how to use positive affirmations to free yourself and enjoy the life you truly want.

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