Gain And Loss - You Can Only Succeed

Gain and loss are two sides of the same thing. Through loss, you gain new things. Through loss, you know the sweetness of gain. Without loss, there would be no gain.

It is the struggling against loss and the preference of gain over loss that causes suffering and retarded growth.

It is the acceptance of loss and gain as both gifts and fuel to your growth that will propel you to greater heights faster.

In the end, you will then see that loss was not really loss. At the point when you recognize the gains you got from the loss, you will see that the loss was really a blessing and that loss does not exist.

Every loss has a gain, if you accept it for what it is and have patience. Loss is usually (1) a result of an error in your thinking, in which case you have the opportunity to correct your thoughts and make massive gains; or (2) not because of your thinking, but a new opportunity selected by your Higher Self designed to take you higher, a chance to discover a new, higher truth.

Success is not something you chase but something that you attract. You cannot chase it, you can only attract it. You attract it by the person that you are, the person that you become. In other words, if you are not experiencing wealth, for example, it is because you are not a wealthy person. If you are not experiencing love, it is because you are not a loving person. You cannot chase after wealth or love or anything else. You can only attract it by the person you become.

For example, to become wealthy, become the sort of person people call wealthy. A wealthy person is not a person with a lot of money. No, the money is just something that comes to him. Even without the money, the person is wealthy.

Free Meditation TipsThere are certain attributes that a wealthy person has acquired, such as a belief in abundance, confidence and certainty, a willingness to learn, relationships with people, and so on.

These are all things that are buried deep within everyone. You have to be willing to expose them and become wealthy by nature.

Once you do, the symbols of wealth, such as money, will naturally flow to you.

You cannot chase after a million dollars directly and get it. You can only become a person whom the million dollars will come to.

Do you have the faith to have a million dollars? Do you have the willingness to learn how to use and invest it? Do you have the desire to surround yourself with advisors and people who shall help you build a business of value that gives value to society? Success is something you become, and every step of the way teaches you what to become, as long as you are willing to listen.

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