The Game Of Life And Change

You are starting to become aware of yourself as the master of this game of life. It can be a great game, fun, if you say so. This is not the end, it is the beginning. Every moment is a beginning.

Remember, everything changes in life. But the way a thing changes is dependent on you. And here is a very important thing to know about the game of life: You need do nothing to have reality except stop investing in illusions. Illusions take effort to make up, leaving you tired, but Reality is there and you need do nothing to have it.

Worry makes your body and mind weary, and identifying yourself with your body and mind makes you ‘feel’ tired.

It is a combination of steps. By design, you cannot be tired, but you can confuse yourself with things that can be tired. You cannot die, but you can confuse yourself with things that can.

The game of life. You cannot go without anything you desire, but you can make that up as well.

Who You Are and who you think you are can be totally opposed. Yet know this: it takes no time to be Who You Are. You don’t have to do anything over time. In this instant, you can be fully present in the awareness and power of Who You Are, a Part of The Source of All That Is, not separate at all from All That Is. How then can you ever lack anything or be alone? Even partial realization of this gives you immense power. Do not give power to what has no reality and what has no cause.

As you know by now, you already are in charge of this game of life in the most amazing way. But if you wish to have full experience of your True Self, here is how you do it: the full realization of this comes from acceptance of all that is as it is. This leads to unconditional love, then recognition of unity, and then the experience of unity. This experience is amazing! Nothing can stand in your way, and there is nothing you cannot have for you have it soon after you think of it.

You become sure of all that you do for you are guided by inspiration. You become always joyful and you feel always secure for you know nothing can harm you. Again, this sounds like a fairy tale but it does happen to many people worldwide. All it takes is willingness and presence.

How Do I internalize what I have learned about this game of live?

Re-read this website every now and then. Repetition causes internalization.

Act on it.

Share this website. Things grow by sharing and teaching. To learn something, teach it. It will grow in you. To have something, teach it to learn it. Even if you do not teach it personally, pass it on to as many people as possible. Minds are one and what one learns upgrades the whole. So you shall find it beneficial to you even if you have no idea who is learning from this website you shared.

What Do I Do Now?

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That depends on what you wish to achieve.

First, remember that just because you may not see and feel Reality does not mean it is not there. It can be covered up by your beliefs and illusions.

Reality, The Source, is fully secure, complete, abundant, loving, worthy, free, powerful and needless. Recognizing reality is the game of life.

You are created in the image and likeness of The Source. Not your form, you body, but your Self.

You easily lose touch of this by not being in the Now (identifying with your mind and body) and by believing in the opposites of the properties of The Source.

So the best thing you can do for yourself is to Think, Speak and Act as What You Really Are at every moment! Do you know what a difference this is to the way you think, speak and act now? It would make such a difference in your life that you would hardly believe you are the same person!

Nothing keeps you away from your Self than time, the time in your mind. Thinking of the past and future takes you away from Now, and that is the biggest problem you may have. From that one, the others arise. Resisting what Is Now is resisting Being, Life, and identifying with what is not.

Reality is always there. Illusions do not exist, they only appear to exist. They drop as soon as you recognize them and stop investing in them. When they drop, reality is revealed. What all this means is this: There is no order of difficulty in correcting error. For example, abundance is abundance. There is no difference in difficulty that really exists between making an income of 10 dollars or 1 million dollars.

The illusion of scarcity is perpetuated by a belief in it. Beneath the illusion lies the reality of abundance. The idea that it is harder to make a million than ten dollars is simply a belief. There are no levels in Reality, levels only exist in illusions. Dropping the illusion is dropping the illusion, and it can be done in an instant. It is simply stopping to believe in what has never been there anyway in reality. Hence there is no order of difficulty except that which you say there is.

Also, further your awareness and your knowledge in the game of life.

Keep moving forward so that you do not fall back.

There are a lot of books available for this.

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