Gratitude - Seals The Deal

Gratitude. All of life is a gift. Every person, moment and thing is a gift – it is only that we refuse to open the gifts hence we do not get the gift sent to us. All things come to those who are grateful. There is great truth to that and here is why it works so well.

By law of cause and effect, being grateful attracts that which you are grateful for.

And you should be grateful even before you receive it because, by law, you know you will receive it.

In fact, you have it even before you ask.

Expressing gratitude speeds that reception because it is a statement of belief – you are already enthusiastically and genuinely grateful, because of what you will receive, or more accurately, have received and are about to experience.

It is there before you even ‘receive’ what you are seeking. In reality, you have it all already; you just are not experiencing it yet.

So, being grateful is the first step to receiving and experiencing. It is an affirmation that you know you will have it.

Imagine getting excited and being grateful about a future event – do you have any idea how much faith that portrays and how much that takes you to your goals at rapid speed? It is magical! Gratitude creates and grows your faith, in addition to being the right thing to do.

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Why do we say that every person and thing in the Now is a gift to you?

Because the Now, for you, is created by your previous thoughts.

So, the Now allows you to experience yourself. Through this, you can correct and enjoy yourself.

In addition to that, all the questions you have had are answered to you Now especially through people and things around you.

Pay attention! Now is here for your enjoyment and growth. Everything in Now relates to you in a very intimate way. It is a result of your thoughts and an answer to your questions.

Isn’t that a fantastic gift? But if you resist and curse it, you shall fail to get the message, and your life will repeat itself until you stop resisting and open your gifts to see what the lessons and joys are.

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