The First Questions - Illusion And Reality

Illusions. The first step is to question a few things that most people hold as ‘true’. We will call them myths.

But before we look at these myths and answer them, we shall look at some statements of truth, statements that will act as a foundation for us as we move on:

Statement Of Truth

A. In our world there are two things, Reality and Illusion. Do you remember when, as a small child, you were afraid of the wind blowing through the curtains in the dark?

Many children experience this. They believe that there are ghosts in the dark, hiding in the shadows and curtains.

To them, the ghosts are a scary ‘reality’ and this perception runs their lives, scaring them and ruining their nights.

Yet, once they understand the reason behind what they see, they find peace and life is better. They can laugh and play in the dark. Yet the wind is still there and so are the curtains and the darkness.

This is a small example of the play between illusion and reality, a play that goes on in our every day lives in countless forms, yet we fail to recognize it.

Lesson: illusions arise from our mind thinking up then seeing images, and then imposing those images on Reality. We see what we believe, then believe what we see. Yet once we realize the error, the gentle Reality comes out. It has always been there, but we covered it up. This leads use to the second truth...

B. The illusions can seem very real, very real indeed. You will be surprised, as you read on, at how deep they run. But they do not exist at all. Merely recognizing them for what they are dispels them.

They simply drop the minute you expose them, and the comforting Reality is right there to replace them, for it never had left in the first place. Nothing real can be threatened, and nothing unreal exists. Here is where your peace, power and prosperity lie. Why?

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Because, as you shall soon see, reality is purely powerful, purely enjoyable, purely wealthy and abundant, purely loving, and purely creative.

Nothing can shake it, and nothing can stand in its way. It can never fail, and all it does is of grandeur, abundance and love.

And as you will soon see, reality and you are intimately connected, although you may not see it at present.

Many have seen this connection and experienced immense liberation, wealth or whatever else it is they desire. These things happened in their lives with the most incredible ease. They dropped their limitations and fears, just like the little child does, and they found magnificent reality waiting.

You are not asked to believe this now. Simply keep reading and you shall see the evidence as you go on. Reality waits till the end of time for you. You are not alone. Simply listen. And you shall see it and see why all this has been this way. It will make you happy!

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