Learn About Universal Laws And Harness The Power Of Your Thoughts!

Learn About Universal Laws And Harness The Power Of Your Thoughts!

Have you heard about Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance? If so, then you will know that these laws have the power to change your life significantly. And that's where Thoughts of Wealth comes in...

The purpose of this website is to show you a way to live a more fullfilled life. One where your desires come true, wealth is abundant, and struggle and confusion are replaced by certainty and ease.

I was inspired to create this website after reading the great works of David Cameron Gikandi. David is a famed personal growth author and was creative consultant to the movie “The Secret.”

He wrote a document titled “The New Thought Manifesto.” It is a brillant insight into who we really are, and one that must be shared. Your journey through this website will be a journey through his manifesto in living color.

This is a guide to having your life working out successfully and predictably, all the time with peace of mind. The link between your thoughts and your world are fully explained, including the construction of all that you see. Your true potential, purpose and nature are exposed.

You will learn about the Universal Laws and discover the things that you do that just don’t matter. You will also discover the effective way, the effortless way, the joyful and abundant way to live your life. The people around you will also discover these things because you will be their evidence and example.

It is an explanation about what you have always wondered, yet hadn’t fully found the answers to. This site answers many questions about how to live your life. It is through these answers that you will understand and learn to live in a way you hadn’t lived before, a powerful and effective way.

We tell you about a plan, a simple plan, simpler than the unnecessary complexities of life situations as we experience them today. It will make you laugh, amazed at how clear everything really is, and amazed at how much control you really have but never knew you had. It is a plan to liberate your mind and your life situations and allow you to create your life, as YOU would have it, not others.

This information on Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction is being given freely to you and is more valuable than you might realize. Are you breathing right now? How much did you pay for that precious breath you just took? Nothing. Yet it is worth more than anything else you did in that moment. You have a lot more inside of you that is free and valuable then you realize.

This website will show you, clearly, that everything you need to become the person you always dreamed of is inside of you and nothing outside of you can stop it.

It will all make sense after you read further, so let’s continue.

The First Questions - Illusion And Reality
In our world there are two things, Reality and Illusion.
The Five Common Myths
Learn about the five common myths about achieving success and happiness in life.
Quantum Physics - Knowing What You And The World Are Made Of
Quantum physics is the study of the building blocks of the universe.
What Is Time Exactly And How Does It Apply To Me?
What is Time? Time is an imperfect take on slices of eternity. It is also a mistake of the mind. Let us look at this.
How Life Works - The Blueprints Of Life
The next step to getting your life to work as you wish it to is to know how life works.
Being - The First Cause
Being is state, such as being happy. You cannot explain state, nor can you do a state. You can only be a state.
Certainty - The Most Powerful Force And The Antidote To Failure
Certainty, faith, belief, is a necessary part of creating success or anything else for that matter.
Cause and Effect - The prime Law Of The Universe
Cause and effect law is the most important law of the universe. Here is a prime key to success in whatever you wish to succeed in. If you live by this, you cannot fail.
Desire, But Never Ever Want
Desire, but never want. Wanting communicates to you and to the universe that you do not have something.
Giving - It’s What It’s All About
One of the greatest laws is the law of giving. It is a phenomenal law. Give freely and happily.
Gratitude - Seals The Deal
By law of cause and effect, your gratitude attracts that which you are grateful for.
Abundance - You Have It All
You have seen that you are one with The Source, one with all that is. You are abundance.
A History of the Ego - An Explanation Of Why Mind Can Be Against You
Why do you need to understand the ego and its origins? Read more about it here.
The Game Of Life And Change
You are starting to become aware of yourself as the game master, in the only game there is: The Game of Life.
Biography Of David Cameron Gikandi
David Cameron Gikandi is a man of the world, literally. He was born in Kenya and had his education in several parts of the world.
Law Attraction Books That Will Change Your Life - My Store
Welcome to my store with Law Of Attraction books. You are about to read some of the most inspiring literature ever written. Books that have the power to produce anything you desire in life.
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A selection of background articles that provide more information about the Universal Laws.
Inspirational Sayings On The Laws Of The Universe
Get Inspired - read here the inspirational saying on the laws of the universe.
Classic Inspirational Books You Must Read Before You Die
This page features a number of inspirational books that have become classics and for a good reason. Thousands were able to live a happier and richer life thanks to the lessons from these books.
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Happy Pocket Full of Money

A Life Changing eBook and audioBook by David Cameron Gikandi, consultant of
the movie "The Secret".

Learn the steps to change your life using the Universal Laws.

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