Law Of Abundance - Making It Work In Your Life

Law of abundance

Law of abundance is a simple concept. It is about desiring something and getting it. It involves positive thinking, desiring with your heart and mind, believing that you deserve the best things in life and soon, it will manifest in the physical world.

The universe holds everything that you want and it is your burning desire that makes things possible.

But that doesn’t mean that when you think of something today, it will just appear right in front of you.

It is not an effortless endeavor.

You need to exercise your imagination and commitment to make it happen for real.

Start with a clear picture of what you want in your mind, be as particular as possible and concentrate on these things night and day.

How It Can Influence Your Life

Law of abundance doesn’t offer shortcuts for it follows a distinct pattern. The desires start to form in your thoughts. Every thought, both positive and negative, gets embedded in your subconscious mind. Whatever among these concepts and desires is reinforced in your mind, it will be the first one to materialize.

So it’s important to clearly establish in your mind what you want to have and it will be given to you. Its importance in your life is significant.

It can give you practically anything that you want—car, thriving business, fulfilling relationships—it’s all up to you and the forces of the universe will conspire to give in to your desires. Knowing what you desire, not luck, is what makes the big difference.

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Law of abundance is easy to learn. For positive thinkers, it’s a piece of cake but those who are easily overcome by negativity need not fret. Practice is all you need. Think hard and long about your desires.

For example, do you want a job that pays well, fulfilling and uses your best abilities? Imagine yourself in a very nice office, wearing a nice dress or suit and dealing with people that are friendly and respectful. As you continue to reinforce these images into your subconscious mind you are also conditioning your life for bigger and better things to come.

You may also collect images that represent this desire, like a brand new car, well-appointed workplace and the like so it becomes easier to visualize.

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