How The Universal Law of Attraction Can Enrich Your Life

Universal law of attraction

The Universal law of attraction is defined as “like attracting like.” It is a powerful thought process where you attract the situations or circumstances into your life because you focused on them the most—your job, relationships, finances, etc.

The adage “you are what you think” is another explanation of this concept.

Both negative and positive thoughts are picked up by the universe and thrown right back at you in a tangible manner.

Think of yourself as a magnet and every time you think about getting things, they come to you.

By becoming aware of this, you can turn your life around and get anything that you want. You just need to focus and concentrate on your desires and all shall be accorded to you.

Attracting Good Things Into Your Life

The Universal law of attraction unlocks the secrets of the universe but don’t be disheartened if at first, things take time to materialize. It requires practice, dedication and to some extent, soul searching to cleanse your thoughts of negativity before finally attracting the good things to come to you.

Meditation can help purify your thoughts. When you think of something bad or negative, you must do your best to take it back. Immediately visualize what you’re thankful for in your life and forget what is lacking.

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The universe doesn’t judge or categorize your thoughts. If you think you’re no good, then the universe responds accordingly so be careful. Practice is the key in getting this right. You can follow these four simple steps and start to apply the universal law of attraction into your life.

1. Be clear and precise with what you want. Turn inward to learn about your real desires and aspirations.

2. Visualize those wants. Collecting pictures to represent your desires can help a big deal. Put these images in a place where you see them often.

3. Act it. If you want to have a fulfilling romantic relationship for example, act as if you already have one. Smile and be happy. Think romantic dinners, a supportive partner and even marital bliss. Be as specific as you possibly can. Concentrate on the qualities that you want in a partner.

4. Wait and allow things to happen. It is important that you believe things are really going to happen. Don’t contradict your own thoughts. Your vibrations, emotions and energy are channeled into the universe so it will come back to you just as you pictured it.

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