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A Happy Pocket Full Of Money - From The Consultant of The Secret

A Happy Pocket Full of Money is David Cameron Gikandi's bestselling book on the Laws of the Universe. It is available now.

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Classic Inspirational Books You Must Read Before You Die

This page features a number of inspirational books that have become classics and for a good reason. Thousands were able to live a happier and richer life thanks to the lessons from these books.

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Recent comment

The book "A Happy Pocket Full of Money" is amazing! The best book I've ever read! It was the biggest help to me in all areas of my life. Thank you so much! Christine

Lucid Dream - Your Key To Success

A lucid dream means “being aware that you’re dreaming while dreaming”.

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Emotional Freedom Technique - Thoughts of Wealth

Emotional Freedom Technique is a tool that people can use to get rid of negative thoughts once and for all.

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The Universal Law of Attraction - How It Can Enrich Your Life

The Universal law of attraction is defined as “like attracting like.”

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About Thoughts of Wealth

Learn about this website Thoughts of Wealth and its owner.

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Quotes On Success

Here are some quotes on success.

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Quotes About Happiness

Here are some quotes about happiness.

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Inspirational Sayings On The Laws Of The Universe

Get Inspired - read here the inspirational saying on the laws of the universe.

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How Life Works - The Blueprints Of Life

The next step to getting your life to work as you wish it to is to know how life works.

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The Game Of Life And Change

You are starting to become aware of yourself as the game master, in the only game there is: The Game of Life.

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Being - The First Cause

Being is state, such as being happy. You cannot explain state, nor can you do a state. You can only be a state.

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