Inspiring Articles on Universal Laws

Inspiring Articles on Universal Laws

The Universal Laws are the laws that work for everyone. They arise from the mind and have the ability to change your life, attract what you desire and eliminate your problems.

This website provides a wealth of information about the Laws of the Universe and how they can help you. Reading the Manifesto (see navigation bar) is an excellent introduction, but it doesn't stop there. You can also find more inspiration in the bookstore and by reading more about the powers that lie behind them.

What follows is a selection of background articles that provide more information about the Universal Laws:

Law Of Abundance - Making It Work In Your Life
Law of abundance is a simple concept. It is about desiring something and getting it. It involves positive thinking, desiring with your heart and mind, believing that you deserve the best things in life and soon, it will manifest in the physical world.

How The Universal Laws of Attraction Can Enrich Your Life
The Universal law of attraction is defined as “like attracting like.” It is a powerful thought process where you attract the situations or circumstances into your life because you focused on them the most—your job, relationships, finances, etc.

Channeling the Power Of The Mind
Power of the mind is more potent than any machine or computer ever invented. It has unlimited potential and possibilities. As imagination, will, emotions and memory are continuously processed in the conscious mind, those thoughts also manifest in reality.

Lucid Dreaming - Your Key To Success
A lucid dream is “being aware that you’re dreaming while dreaming”. There are many scientific researches done about it establishing that it is really happening.

Life Changing Effects Of Positive Thinking
Positive thinking is defined as a mental attitude that fosters desirable images, concepts, words, thoughts that bring about the feeling, emotion, energy or vibrations of joy, happiness, success, expansion and growth.

Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment
Spiritual enlightenment can mean different things but generally it refers to spiritual understanding, discovering the purpose of all things or having a connection with the spiritual realm that is way beyond the material world.

Key Ways Of Creating Wealth
Creating wealth is not only about making money. Financial success in fact is only a tiny part of this powerful concept. It involves your total well being - physical, emotional and spiritual.

Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotional Freedom Technique is a tool that people can use to get rid of negative thoughts once and for all.

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