What Is Time Exactly And How Does It Apply To Me?

What is time? There is a lot to be said about time but here we shall only just have a quick look to explain it briefly. Only eternity exists. Time is an imperfect take on slices of eternity. It is also a mistake of the mind. Let us look at this.

“The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistent.” - Albert Einstein

1.Time as an imperfect slice of eternity. We need an example to illustrate this. Here is an easy explanation of what time is. This is an extremely simplified explanation but it will do for now. Imagine a football or soccer field with 10 objects spread around it. Now, imagine that a certain object A represents a child being born and a certain object B represents being a 10 year old child.

If object A was to travel to object B, that travel would take what you now call ‘10 years of time’. That is 10 human years of a child growing up.

Now, it gets a little complex: What if that football field was to shrink?

Object A would reach B and pass through all the experiences of 10 years of childhood, but the sensation of time would change.

In other words, 10 years would feel very different. If that field shrunk enough, ten years could feel like an instant. And you have experienced this often.

When you are having a great time, you feel as if time flew by. You did not notice the hours pass; yet your watch said they passed, because your watch is designed to take the same amount of ‘time’ to move from one second marker on the clock face to the next. But you are not designed that way. Time is the moving of your consciousness past pre-existing events in the space-time continuum. You will soon see what this is.

The field of life that we live in is not static – it keeps changing its dimensions. That is why we have to keep readjusting our watches worldwide all the time for this crazy thing called time to make sense for us – but only because we think of time as consistent slices of periods. It is not. It is merely our misinterpretation of our consciousness moving by one pre-existing event in the filed of Life to the next event, as you shall soon see.

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The field of life is not static, nor does our consciousness move at a fixed speed.

The field and our consciousness can change quickly if we will it to do so. Time is just an illusion.

But if you were to travel very fast in
a spaceship, as you may well have heard from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, you can slow down time
or even go back in time.

Time is more of a sensation of passing events and the faster or slower you pass these events, the faster or slower the calibration of time changes. It is not the taking of time that changes; it is the calibration of time (one minute no longer takes one minute).

Ok, back to the soccer field. Imagine you were one of the objects. You would feel time as you move around the field passing other objects that you see. You with me? OK Now, imagine if you were born moving faster, say three times the speed. Time would seem shorter.

Now, imagine you were the soccer field itself! Or even an object large enough to cover the whole field. Now we are talking! Time would cease to exist for you. Because you are the field and you can feel, touch, and be with all the objects on you at the same time always, there would be no travel from one object to another. It would all be happening Here, Now. All of it. All the 10 objects would be happening at the same ‘time’ for you, always.

This is the eternal moment of Now, Here. Everything that can possibly happen in the universe, everything that can possibly be created, the past, present and future, are all running all at the same ‘time’ in one huge field.

Your consciousness and awareness are awake to only a small section of this field at any one ‘time’ and as you move them about from one point to another, you experience ‘time’, experiencing a sensation of past, present, and future.

The field itself does not experience time; it only experiences an eternal process that is always happening all at one go, Now, Here, Always, All Ways.

You can think of the whole field as The Source.

As you expand your consciousness and awareness, as you take up more and more of the field, and time shrinks for you. Can you see that? Now the amazing thing is that, the mind and the Self (or soul or spirit, whichever you are used to referring to) is a lot larger than your physical body. We are used to thinking of the soul or Self as a little thing contained inside our body. That is just human thinking – relating things to containers.

Have you ever considered that the soul, being far more powerful than the body, actually holds the body together and surrounds it? And the mind holds the brain and nervous system together and surrounds it? If you have considered that the soul and mind are larger than the body and brain, have you ever considered where they end? How many feet away from your body? Or is it how many miles away? Or how many light years away from your body does your soul end? It is not impossible that your Soul and Mind are a billion times larger than your body (why not?). They are infinite and eternal. This humongous powerful Self is you.

Anyway, let us get back to our lives here on earth.

Understanding time, yourself and Self's composition are of high importance if you wish to experience a great life ‘fast’. It is all a matter of expanded consciousness, right state and right thought and choice. These lead to your consciousness becoming awake to wealthy parts of the whole and doing so in wider circles.

What is time

You see, time is not constant. It can be collapsed and expanded by our choices. For example, if you truly believe it takes 10 years to learn how to become a professional doctor, then that is how long it will take for you.

The universe will arrange itself into such a configuration, for it can only appear to you as you say it does. Yet herein is the biggest liberation: you are one with all, and it takes no time to be who you are.

You may not believe this now but I am sure you have heard of amazing accounts of people who were able to do amazing things under pressure, things they never thought they could do in a lifetime. Yet the pressure made them take the decision that they had to do this amazing thing, and they did. It takes no time to be who you are. When I say ‘who you are’, I mean Who You Really Are, the magnificent being created in the image and likeness of The Source of All That Is. Do not believe in time, or it will waste you just as you can waste it.

2. Time as a mistake of the mind: This is easy to explain. All the remembering you do is in your mind. All the planning for the future that you do is in your mind. Does it exist Right Now? No. It may have existed when you ‘did’ yesterday, but Now yesterday does not exist, nor does tomorrow. Now is the only time that exists. Now is the only moment that exists.

An eternal moment of Now is all there is. You can remember the past and dream about the future but you can only be, exist, Here, Now. Make an irrevocable commitment to yourself to make Now the best moment of your life ever! Do not dwell in the past, or live in the future. Your only moment is Now. Dwell in Now. Even when you remember the past, you do it Now. And when you plan for the future, you do it Now.

Bring into the present moment your awareness, consciousness, thoughts and ‘looking’. Life and all your opportunities to move forward are in the present, the ever-present moment of Now, Here. Read that sentence again. Everything that is alive is only alive Here, Now! Not in your mind. Do not ‘throw’ yourself forward into where you wish to be all day long. Imagination about the future is great, for it is what you use to create your future. But the present has great value. Only through acting and living in the present can you get to the future.

Do not spend all day daydreaming about a future time, saying ‘if only’, mentally escaping your present and dwelling in an imaginary tomorrow, going on about the whole day in a dreamlike state, being only half aware and conscious of the details going on in your day – these things actually slow you down on your trip to a better tomorrow. Just as it is necessary that you set future goals, it is necessary that you embrace and experience the present and act in it consciously and with awareness, if you wish to progress.

what is time Remember, the universe can only use the present moment to send you clues, people, events and opportunities to advance – it cannot use the imaginary future in your head. Instead of chasing a better future by throwing your consciousness into the future, bring it back to the present and let the future chase it there.

The present is God’s only kitchen! That is where everything is cooked! Here, Now. Being and Life can only Be Here, Now. That is why Buddha, Jesus, the Sufis, and just about every other spiritual master has advocated - be present in the moment of Now. Your life can only progress through the power of life that is in the Now. If you have a prayer, a desire, a question, you shall find the answer only Now, through the things and people in front of you. Even any bright ideas that you may have are triggered in the moment of Now.

To be present in the Now means you are most often out of mind. You cannot be thinking about the past and future and also be present – that is impossible. I will give you three examples of present moment awareness.

One, remember a time when you saw such amazing beauty that you literally just watched in awe, not thinking anything. It was breathtaking. How did that feel? It energized you, inspired you, and made you happy.

Two, have you ever been in an emergency so instant that your mind shut down and you reacted out of instinct and intuition in a split second? That is also present awareness. Your mind is off, and the higher intelligence that is always present in the Now takes over and executes better than mind could ever have done. some people report a thrill, a feeling of freshness, after they go through such an event.

Three, when you have sex, you are not usually planning what you will be doing tomorrow or what you did yesterday. You are present, right there. See, all present awareness is characterized by no-mind, cause the mind cannot understand present. The present is an eternal moment, the only place where Being exists. The mind, at the lower levels that we use it here on earth, cannot grasp eternity – and that is why only You can be in Now. The minute you let your mind make some noise, you miss most of Now and its bliss. When you identify with your mind and stop being present and aware in Now, colors fade, inspiration dwindles, and fear and negativity kicks in. We shall look at this more in the section on ego below.

Time flows in all directions, not forwards only as it appears to. The past, present and future exist simultaneously. Yet, your past and future as you think about it in your mind is not real. It is one you ‘make up’ in your mind. The time that you think of in your mind is a phantom. It has sights that cannot be seen and sounds that cannot be heard. It cannot be shared. It is not eternal. It is often negative and uncertain, it usually causes anxiety, and worse.

Fortunately, time vanishes the minute you are present in the Now. It need not be there. Eliminate it simply by being present in the moment of Now.

Consider this: do you have a problem now? No, Now? It is impossible to have a problem Now. Even if you have unpaid rent, a bad relationship, work problems, you do not have them right Now. Now is Now, not a second after Now. At this very moment, do you have a problem? No. it is impossible to have a problem in the Now. Nature takes care of Now very well. Now is never a problem. Whatever happens Now happens. But your mind cannot understand this.

Have you ever noticed that your problems are all in your mind. You think ‘what if tomorrow gets here and I haven’t got this and that thing that I need?’ and this gives you anxiety and worry. What for? It is useless!

First of all, Now you have no problems. So what if you ‘think’ you have them tomorrow? Now you don’t. As if that is not enough, the very worrying about a problem is what makes it manifest into physical reality. As we saw earlier and as we shall see later, your thoughts create your world. You become what you think about most. So worrying about things makes those very things happen. It is pointless and dangerous.

That is a good introduction to time and its relationship to us. Let us now look at how we create our moments.

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